Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shellac Creative Nail Design 14 day manicure!!!!!!!!

HELLLOOOOO! Have any of you ladies seen this article? Creative Nail Design has mastered a nail polish formula that lasts up to 14 days! And according to online sales and salon sales...........women are going crazy for it!!!! Have any of you tried this line before? If I was a working mom, this would be the best thing in life. But, I don't know if I could look at the same color for 14 days! The color choices are limited of course, I think that has to do with the formula. But it's GREAT for the nail world none the less!

For more info click here.



  1. Just my humble opinion not interested at this time. Seems to much like acrylics. Wouldn't be interested in keeping polish on 14 days. I have too many polishes and need to use them. lol!! :)

  2. I saw an article on this on Yahoo! Shine. I thought it was definitely something worth looking into. Apparently, it rights up there in the ranks w/ Minx when it coms to pricing, around $35-$40. I'm very interested in seeing how mainstream it ends up becoming. I change my polish way too often to tolerate for 14 days. I think its a great option for those who are very busy and/or do not like to change their polish much. Would seem ideal for like a french mani or neutral-tone shades of polish.

  3. I'm with you. I don't think I could stand one color for 2 whole weeks! It's neat though. I wonder if it really works!?

  4. I'm with rmcandlelight~
    That is a long time to wear one color...
    but, its a pretty cool Ideal :)

  5. Yes, I saw this article and I would love the try it, just to see if it looks good after 14 days...I'll wait till they come with a blue version LOL!


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