Saturday, October 29, 2011



Now you can now have Nicki Minaj at your fingertips, literally. Nicki has teamed up withOPI Nail Lacquer bringing lots of cute & fun colors for the barbz mittens.  “Super Bass Shatter"Fly", “Metallic 4 Life” & of course, “Pink Friday” (just to name a few).Available for purchase in 2012!

If this is anything like her lipstick that came out by Mac Cosmetics, It will sell out in minutes! 

Get ready ladies, OPI has impressed me with this one!

Crackle my Taint..................

Hello Ladies!  I wanted to do something different during the work week and decided to try Illamasqua Taint as my NOTD. I like Illamasqua a lot! Their polish formula is AMAZING!  I always get long wear time,  and they have an array of unique colors.  Taint is from their Fall 2011 line called Theatre of the Nameless.  These polishes have a wax like rubber finish, but once you apply a top coat the shine is to die for (which I did not post here).  Taint is a taupe brown creme, but I had times when it appeared to be dark grey/green.  Lovely color, very different. 2 coats.

With China Glaze Latticed Lilac


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Essie Brooch the Subject with OPI Pink Shatter

Hello Ladies!  Hope you all are doing well.  My job week was hectic.  But I still managed to find some time to do a mani.  In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Susan G. Komen for the Cure, OPI recently dropped their Pink Shatter.  It's a limited edition and its awesome!  I myself am a HUGE shatter, crackle, or whatever they wan to call it, fan.  I think it adds a special touch to any mani.  And all my nails look different each time I apply.  So I decided to use Essie and OPI pink shatter together,  and I am so glad I did because this mani rocks!  OPI Pink Shatter is a frosty medium pink color. Brooch the Subject is a light khaki nude creme, I am sucker for nude creme polish.  I wore it alone for two days and decided to throw the pink shatter on the spice it up.  Here is Brooch the Subject alone, 2coats:

such a lovely nude

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Monday, October 24, 2011

NOTD:Butter London "Scoundrel"

Hello Ladies!  Happy Monday! Yes Monday's can be a drag,  but your alive and kicking!  I always use polish to brighten my mood.  So if your having a bad start, sip some caffeine and take a look.  Butter London is really climbing my polish favorites ladder. vI love their formula and their colors are unique. Ulta has a buy 2 get one free sale on this polish line and this was included in my haul. vScoundrel is a lilac creme with red undertones.  I used 2 coats with this beauty.

Sorry for the poor photos, my camera is going. UUGGHH!

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oldie but goodie.............. Essie "Bags to Riches"

Hello Ladies!  Happy Sunday!  Hope this weekend has been awesome.  I relaxed today and now trying to get ready for my work week.  It's been six weeks and I am still not used to working yet!  LOL. Anywho,  I was going through my lovely stash and came across this beauty.  The bottle is at the half mark,  so I know I put it to some good use.  With the hype of all the new polishes coming out, I forget about my goodies I already have.  Essie Bags to Riches is a color from their 2007 Glamour girl collection.  It's a creme tan or yellowish color.  It favors coffee with cream.  I was one of the few that loved it on my skin tone.  Here is 3 coats.....Enjoy!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Essie "Raised Awareness"

Good Morning Ladies! Happy Tuesday! I saw this polish in Ulta last night and HAD to have it. Essie is well known for their gorgeous nudes and pinks. And they did not dissapoint with this color as well.  Very nice candy pink. Creme and opagque in 2 coats, the formula was very thick. Essie supports Living Beyond Breast cancer in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A portion of the proceeds from each bottle will be donated to the Living Beyond Breast Cancer foundation. For more information or how you can help or support the cause, here is the link Ladies, please go out and support this cause, there are so many women and men that can get help! Love Essie for the color and the cause behind it. 3coats!

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Monday, October 10, 2011

NOTD:Rescue Beauty Lounge Plie..................(LOVE)

Hello Ladies! bThis weekend after taking off my Color Club polish fail, bI was looking for something different, ba flesh tone peachy pink color. bLow and behold I found PLIE by Rescue Beauty Lounge.  I am a HUGE RBL fan,  just cannot afford her polish, especially since it's not on the ground,  and you have to order online if you are not in NY.  BUT,  her polish is worth the wait.  I haven't used this in over 2 years and this polish applied like butter,  shined effortlessly and the minute I arrived at work.........."OMG you nails, where did you get that color?"  Never fails with RBL,  so her polishes are back on my favorite list with Illamasqua and Butter London trailing behind.  2  lovely coats!

Drool, I am so in love!

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Color Club "Fashion Addict"

Hello Ladies!  As I have said in previous posts,  I really do not like Holo polish.  It really does nothing for me,  but I am trying to use all the polish I have before buying more polish (we all know how it goes).  I  peeked in my stash and saw Fashion Addict from Color Club and decided..........why not? After applying 2 coats, I knew it wouldn't last long as a mani, so I took it off, but here are some pictures! 2 coats!

Not bad, just not all gooey inside!

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Almond nail shape trend...........Your thoughts?

Hello ladies! Happy Monday! I have recently changed the shape of my nails to a round almond shape versus my square shape. I wanted to know how some of you felt about nails shapes and if you ever change yours. The most current trend is the pointy almond shape, which looks good, but I cannot see myself functioning on a daily basis with two children and pointy nails. Can you say "child protective services?" LOL What do you think? Have you tried it?

Nail Shapes - Almond

"Thought of as the classical nail shape the nail is filed away at the sides and softly pointed at the tip. This shape is not very strong and if the nail is damaged some of the length will have to be filed away to rectify. Although attractive, this shape does not allow nails to grow to their maximum length, if this is what is desired"
Sally Hansen Website


Lady Gaga

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Colo Club Back to Boho Collection B

Hello  Ladies!  Yes I am on a roll with posts today,  Hubby and the kids are out and I take advantage of any free time that I can't hear "mommy, honey or maaaaaa".  I purchased this collection from Ross Dress for Less at least 2 weeks ago.  I really didn't like the other colors from Collection A, so I left them on the shelf.  Out of all the bottles, only 2 were duds IMO!  The formula on these were not so great,  very sheer and runny.  Most of these colors need 3 coats if not 4.  And if you don't dry between each coat the brush can cause some bald spots on the second layer.  I just wanted to add,  I love buying these collections from Ross,  because MOST of the time, I rarely like every color in a collection.  So once I spend my 7.99 for 6 polishes, but I only like four of them, I still got a steal!  On to the swatches........3 coats on all!

First up: Boho Mojo,  now this one is a 50/50 in nail land,  But surprisingly this is a polish I expected to dislike,  but ended up loving it.  I just would do 4 coats next time, there is still VNL with 3 coats.  This is a silver/gold frosty polish with silver shimmer.  Very pretty color.

Nouveau Vintage,  Every one is a fan of this one and I might add so am I.  This color is very wierd like Hard Candy Beetle,  it came out of the bottle with a red jelly formula with green and gold glitter. Just one word for this color.........AWESOME!  I love eye catching colors.

Voodoo You Do, I couldn't capture a great shot of this one no matter how hard I tried, but this is a dark blue green polish with silver shimmer. Very cool color for fall. This one dried very fast.

Artsy Crafty,  Now this one is my favorite of the bunch,  I am a green lover!  So when I saw this muted green with yellow undertones,  I was on it!  Nice and creamy!

Now on to the duds of the bunch,  I really thought Rebel Spirit would have wowed me over,  but no it did nothing.  Between the sucky formula and it just being a waste of a swatch,  lets just say "hated it.'

Blue Topia, *sigh* I won't say anything else.

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My invite to the Sinful Colors Purple party......................

Hello Ladies!  I was invited to the Sinful Colors Purple party last night and boy did I have a blast!  There where plenty of people,  food,  drinks  and most of all POLISH!  Everyone,  men included had to wear purple,  but there were three people from the party who wore the best color outfit..........

From L-R Daddy's girl, Let me Go, and Fiji

First up is the party Host "Let me Go" this pretty lady is a frosty lavender color with pinkish undertones. 2 coats!

No flash

And this young lady who was the party player "Daddy's girl" is a nice deep jelly purple with silver glitter, 2 coats!

Last but not least,  we have Fiji even though she is green with envy that she could never throw a bash this popular you would never know it from her light purple with silver shimmer hues......... 2 coats

natural light


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