Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oldie but goodie.............. Essie "Bags to Riches"

Hello Ladies!  Happy Sunday!  Hope this weekend has been awesome.  I relaxed today and now trying to get ready for my work week.  It's been six weeks and I am still not used to working yet!  LOL. Anywho,  I was going through my lovely stash and came across this beauty.  The bottle is at the half mark,  so I know I put it to some good use.  With the hype of all the new polishes coming out, I forget about my goodies I already have.  Essie Bags to Riches is a color from their 2007 Glamour girl collection.  It's a creme tan or yellowish color.  It favors coffee with cream.  I was one of the few that loved it on my skin tone.  Here is 3 coats.....Enjoy!

Thanks for viewing! MUAH!


  1. Everything looks great on you!

  2. oh wow i think think our skintones could be similar...its a very nice shade and i am impressed by the coverage...another bottle added to the wishlist :)

  3. I like this color and for some reason it makes me wanna eat pudding :)


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