Sunday, October 9, 2011

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Hello  Ladies!  Yes I am on a roll with posts today,  Hubby and the kids are out and I take advantage of any free time that I can't hear "mommy, honey or maaaaaa".  I purchased this collection from Ross Dress for Less at least 2 weeks ago.  I really didn't like the other colors from Collection A, so I left them on the shelf.  Out of all the bottles, only 2 were duds IMO!  The formula on these were not so great,  very sheer and runny.  Most of these colors need 3 coats if not 4.  And if you don't dry between each coat the brush can cause some bald spots on the second layer.  I just wanted to add,  I love buying these collections from Ross,  because MOST of the time, I rarely like every color in a collection.  So once I spend my 7.99 for 6 polishes, but I only like four of them, I still got a steal!  On to the swatches........3 coats on all!

First up: Boho Mojo,  now this one is a 50/50 in nail land,  But surprisingly this is a polish I expected to dislike,  but ended up loving it.  I just would do 4 coats next time, there is still VNL with 3 coats.  This is a silver/gold frosty polish with silver shimmer.  Very pretty color.

Nouveau Vintage,  Every one is a fan of this one and I might add so am I.  This color is very wierd like Hard Candy Beetle,  it came out of the bottle with a red jelly formula with green and gold glitter. Just one word for this color.........AWESOME!  I love eye catching colors.

Voodoo You Do, I couldn't capture a great shot of this one no matter how hard I tried, but this is a dark blue green polish with silver shimmer. Very cool color for fall. This one dried very fast.

Artsy Crafty,  Now this one is my favorite of the bunch,  I am a green lover!  So when I saw this muted green with yellow undertones,  I was on it!  Nice and creamy!

Now on to the duds of the bunch,  I really thought Rebel Spirit would have wowed me over,  but no it did nothing.  Between the sucky formula and it just being a waste of a swatch,  lets just say "hated it.'

Blue Topia, *sigh* I won't say anything else.

Thanks for subbing and viewing!

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