Monday, September 26, 2011

NOTD: Crown Me with Wet Cement.................

Happy Monday ladies!  As I have mentioned in previous posts,  I am in LOVE with OPI Crown Me Already.  I want to put it with everything,  but I can't! (why not?)  I was in a grey polish mood,  but couldn't stop looking at my OPI CMA bottle,  so I said "let me layer it" for better removing purposes!  I used Sally Hansen Wet Cement,  2 coats.  And then Applied one coat of CMA.  LOVED it!  I had disco ball nails and a ton of compliments! Enjoy!

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Saturday, September 24, 2011


Hello Ladies!  On my last weekend of summer I decided to go out with a BANG!  A while back I was shopping at Ross and ran across a line of polish called Creative Arts,  after research I found out there're  created by Color Club,  the colors were so awesome and so were the $1.99 price tag per bottle.  It's a LOUD yellow!  This color is too fab for words and the formula was smooth as a baby's bottom.  I just cannot find it all the time!  A hard polish line to track down,  lovely colors.  2 coats!  Happy First day Of Fall!

True color

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Crown me, I'm a lady!

Hello Ladies!  Starbucks is my new best friend! I have been shopping lately.  Not for clothes but my third best thing.........Polish.  I saw some color from Essie that gave me a funny tingling feeling.  Which meant my pockets would suffer.  So I purchased Essie Lady Like and Power Clutch.  Lady like is different,  but honestly I feel like it's a color my mom would like (and that's not good because she sticks to the same colors year after year).  It appears pink in the bottle,  but comes off mauve in real nail life.  I have to try it again to see if it will grow on me.  But I decided to shake it up by adding OPI's Crown me Already to add some life to it!  OPI Crown Me Already is a HOT glitter polish! Chunky and micro combined!  I am looking forward to all the glitter polish in the Muppets collection.  Hope you like it! 2 coats of each!  Enjoy!

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My first week of work and Starry Pink!

Hello Ladies! Work has been GREAT!  I just need to find my grove between being a working mom, housewife and a Diva!  But I sure LOVE working!  So......... I know I have been late on my posts,  BUT better late than never.  I began to contemplate what would be a great polish for my first day of work and Starry Pink came to mind,  subtle but makes a statement!  I got so many compliments on this color.  I have to admit,  I thought this polish would disappoint me.  It appeared to good to be true in a bottle.  Revlon has won me over again!  Starry Pink is a very light baby pink with silver chunky glitter and micro glitter.  She packs a punch!  3 coats!

Natural Light

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Butter London Blagger...................

Hello Ladies!  Butter london polishes are going to cause serious problems in my marriage!  I am starting to fall in love ..........dare I say it...........with ALL their colors!  This always happens.  I try a new line and I fall head over heels in love!  The formula on these polishes have been great and I really love the fact that the color in the bottle is the actual color on your nail once applied!  Blagger is a rich creme cobalt blue.  The color is soooo rich!  3 coats Enjoy!

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Facets Of Fuchsia! My lemming is here!

Hello Ladies!  I have been lemming this polish since a week ago.  I looked every where...............EVERYWHERE!  After my 6th Target store,  I found it!  And what a beauty it is!  And what really gets me is: it's a dupe for Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance.  But dare I say it........I don't think it's a dupe at all.  Facets of Fuchsia has more tiny glitter!  So for less money you get a better polish!  LOL!  I love it when the cheaper version wins the "dupe war".  This polish is a black jelly based formula with hexagons and glitter overload.  Loved every minute of this on my nails and to be honest I like the name better too.  Revlon has really hit it with this one! 2 coats! Enjoy

Love it! Muah!

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L.A. Color swatches................(Pic heavy)

Hello Ladies!  So now that everyone in my family knows I am a polish whore (excuse the language),  they randomly buy me polish.  My lovely mother in law bought L.A. color polishes from Big Lots!  I was so proud of her,  because the colors are HOT!  Formula was great and they dried very quickly,  I will keep an eye open for more colors from this line!  3 coats! Enjoy!

First up is Golden nugget,  I am not a gold nail polish person,  but this is the exception.  It's an orangey gold.  It was a little sheer hence the three coats, and it has tiny golden glitters in the polish,  super cool!

My favorite is Voodoo, a nice opaque turquoise green with gold glitter.............AWESOME color. 2coats.

Last but not least is Pacific Blue,  my least favorite of the crew. Very pretty blue with a silver frosty finish. This was 2 coats.

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Celebrate good times come on! (sing along!)

Whew!  Hello Ladies!  I wanted to celebrate getting a job!  Finally after all these months (20) of being a stay at home mom,  I was blessed with a great opportunity!  Yay me!  So I decided to do a celebration manicure with Opi Sephora Spark-tacular and Wet and Wild white 449c.  I actually got this idea from one of my favorite bloggers Nail Fanatic,  you can check out her post here.  This mani makes me feel happy and excited.  I love Spark-tacular, it has 2-3 different size hexagons and tons of small color glitter! FABULOUS!  2 coats of Spark-tacular.  Enjoy!

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