Saturday, September 24, 2011


Hello Ladies!  On my last weekend of summer I decided to go out with a BANG!  A while back I was shopping at Ross and ran across a line of polish called Creative Arts,  after research I found out there're  created by Color Club,  the colors were so awesome and so were the $1.99 price tag per bottle.  It's a LOUD yellow!  This color is too fab for words and the formula was smooth as a baby's bottom.  I just cannot find it all the time!  A hard polish line to track down,  lovely colors.  2 coats!  Happy First day Of Fall!

True color

Thanks for Viewing!


  1. I think I have this looks gorgeous on you :)

  2. Thanks, please try it out and post swatches soon!

  3. Beautiful bright colour! You have fabulous nails

  4. 2 coats? Wow, it's really pigmented! It's the kind of colour that I'd call "taxi yellow". :D
    Super nice!

  5. Your nails are perfect! You could be hand model!


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