Sunday, October 9, 2011

My invite to the Sinful Colors Purple party......................

Hello Ladies!  I was invited to the Sinful Colors Purple party last night and boy did I have a blast!  There where plenty of people,  food,  drinks  and most of all POLISH!  Everyone,  men included had to wear purple,  but there were three people from the party who wore the best color outfit..........

From L-R Daddy's girl, Let me Go, and Fiji

First up is the party Host "Let me Go" this pretty lady is a frosty lavender color with pinkish undertones. 2 coats!

No flash

And this young lady who was the party player "Daddy's girl" is a nice deep jelly purple with silver glitter, 2 coats!

Last but not least,  we have Fiji even though she is green with envy that she could never throw a bash this popular you would never know it from her light purple with silver shimmer hues......... 2 coats

natural light


Thanks for viewing, ENJOY!

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