Thursday, August 18, 2011

I believe in Frenzy Amour mani

On my search to cure my boredom, I also decided to try one of my traditional crazy manis!  (different polish on different fingers)  I used "I believe in Amour"  by Color Club and Cosmetics Arts "Frenzy".  Both colors were purchased from Ross,  and I just realized today after extra research,  that they are both manufactured by the same Company.  I LOVE Cosmetics Arts polish,  I just cant find it anywhere.  I believe in Amour was a pale creme pink.  The formula was thick and streaky, but once I applied a top coat, all was pretty again.  Frenzy has a perfect formula.  All 3 coats.  Off to the swatches.........Enjoy!

The shine on both of these colors speak for themselves!

Thanks for viewing!


  1. Love those colors together! Super shiny!

  2. Thanks, the shine lasted a good three days

  3. Hiiii!!!
    It's my first time here!!!
    I looove this idea!! Really sweet and girly!!!
    Keep with the nice work =)


  4. I love both colours! I'm mad about violet/purple but I usually don't like pinks, but this one by Color Club is really awesome!


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