Monday, August 22, 2011

It's like Butter baby............Butter London "Lady Muck"

Hello Ladies!  Hope you all had a great weekend!  I had a relaxing one.  I have started something new that is actually working for me,  cleaning my house during the week so I can rest on Saturday.  Usually I try and clean everything on Saturday which turns into me be very tired on Sunday.  Anywho,  I've seen Butter London polish for some time,  and I couldn't get into spending 14 bucks on a polish. (#teambudget)  But something came over me when I saw this color in Ulta and darn it...............I'm addicted.  My top high line polishes are Illamasqua and RBL (Rescue Beauty Lounge) but,  Butter London has hopped on the list as well,  and from what I have witnessed, the formula on this polish is even better than some RBL polishes,  in my opinion.  Lady Muck is a grey polish with light blue undertones, and shimmer.  What I love about it is the shimmer adds to the high shine of the polish.  And the color stands out like nobodies business!  I wore this to a BBQ,  and one girl asked me to please refrain from using my hands because my polish is too pretty!  The application was so easy,  it applied like butter. (lol)  Formula was so smooth and dried in no time.  So far I LOVE this polish,  none like it in my stash.  I also wanted to note that I have worn it since Friday night,  not one chip yet,  and I am on day three of polish wear. That makes the polish worth every penny.  2 lovely coats!

up close shot of shimmer

blurred for shimmer shot

Thanks for viewing!


  1. Sooo gorge.. looks like it might help cure my Illamasqua Raindrops lemming a bit! Looks wonderful on your skintone.. I would cry removing that prettiness!!

  2. LOL, thanks, yeah, I am going to have a hard time removing this one!

  3. Now I have a lemming! Never tried Butter London, they're not available in stores here (and well they are quite expensive, especially if you have to add shipping cost) but this is gorgeous!
    BTW I'm a mother of 2, too :-)

  4. I love butter london p0olish and there formula great colot by the way i hope u can follow back


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