Thursday, April 15, 2010

Suzi Says Feng Shui and Hot and Spicy by OPI Hong Kong collection

I have been in LOVE with this OPI collection since the buzz went out about the uber fabness of the colors. Since I've held on to some birthday cash, I decided to get more colors to feed my POLISH need. LOL. I have "Dim Sum Plum" which I did swatches for here and "Jade is the new black" here. Hope you all are enjoying your week so far...........Now on to the swatches.........
New babies!
First up......... Suzi Says Feng Shui. I really like the name of the polish, very original. The first picture with the flash is not a very accurate color of this polish, that is why I added extra photos without the flash. The color is a dusty blue, very different and unique. In my opinion it can go for any season, this is a  great add to my polish stash. 3 COATS.


Next up, Hot and Spicy! THIS IS MY FAVORITE POLISH (so far). I wanted this polish from the day I set my eyes on her..................this is a light orange creme, also 3 COATS.

I cannot express the love I have for this polish, it looks so nice on my skin tone, and I cannot wait to get some bronze to my skin from the sun to see it really pop! Orange u glad to see it? (sorry I had to)



  1. I have both these colors! I received so many compliments on Hot & Spicy, and I still have yet to wear Suzi. FYI another color you need to get is "Meet me at the star ferry", it does not look like much online or in the bottle, but in person, when the sun hits is STUNNING!

  2. Thanks Jackie S., I saw that color and it did nothing for me in the bottle, will try next time! HOT and SPICY is my new love!

  3. Definitely try it, I didnt think anything of Star Ferry when I saw it in the bottle either, but when I put it on and went outside, Wow! did it sparkle!

  4. Wow your nails are CUTE. To both of you, I remember seeing 'Meet Me' in magazines and in the bottle and thinking it was going to be the one color from that collection I'd want. But then I saw the bottle IRL and was like... what? I guess it's really deceiving!


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